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Windshield and side view mirrors protected from snow,ice and frost! Never scrape your windshield or mirriors agian!

                     NO SCRAPiNG

   •  No scraping! ice, snow and frost with this automotive       windshield cover
  Installs in seconds, opens to full position       automatically and folds up easily 
   •  Protects your windshield and side view mirrors                     from ice,
snow, frost and sleet
   •  Helps protect wiper blades from freezing to cars
   •  Universal fit for cars, vans, trucks and SUV's with           
      standard size mirrors
Cut-resistant security strap to help prevent theft
This snow windshield cover with mirror covers                         installs easily in windy conditions
  Non- stick protective coating allows for easy                removal of snow, ice, frost or sleet                   
   •  Not available in automotive accessories or       automotive  car
 parts stores anywhere         

The windshield scraping solution


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  As accessories, this automotive windshield cover is the easiest

snow and ice covers to install in the wind.  Not found in a car 

parts, automotive parts, car accessories, or accessories stores  anywhere  with  the windshield and side view mirrors  protection design that any automotive accessories or car windshield covers could have.  




    Snow Guard is the automotive windshield cover that protects your automobiles windshield and side view mirrors. Snow Guard eliminates scraping snow, ice, frost, and sleet from your automobile windshield with mirror covers in freezing weather. This is a perfect addition to your automotive accessories. Don’t get caught in the freezing cold weather this season, get Snow Guard, the automobile windshield cover for snow, ice, frost, and sleet protection. This snow cover with its non-stick protective coating allows for easy removal of snow, ice, frost, and sleet. Installing other car windshield covers in the wind can be found nearly impossible at times. The Snow Guard has a built-in flexible frame design, which makes installation easy in windy conditions. This car snow & ice cover can be installed in 30 seconds, opens to full position automatically from its bag, and folds up easily. Snow Guard is a great addition to your car accessories and fits car windshields that are 53” to 69” wide, and 28” high. If your car cover is higher than that, there may be a little snow at the top or bottom of your cover. It would be better to have a little snow or ice on the top of the snow windshield cover than the bottom. The reason for this is because your car windshield cover can help protect the wipers from freezing to the glass. This snow windshield cover has protective mirror covers that slide over the automobile’s side view mirrors up to 22” in diameter the majority of auto's. The Snow Guard will not fit large Truck or Van mirrors or telescopic mirrors (For additional information about mirror sizes, click the MORE INFO tab on the menu bar above). Snow Guard has a cut-resistant security strap that locks in place to help prevent theft of your car windshield cover. This automotive windshield cover is the only automotive accessories of its kind, for a 3-in-1 product, makes a great gift, and saves time. It is not available in automotive accessories or car parts stores anywhere! So order the Snow Guard today, your car windshield cover and side view mirror protection from snow, ice, and frost.


What makes the Snow Guard, the snow windshield cover stand out above other covers? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you should consider purchasing this product.

Does the other windshield car accessories cover the windshield and side view mirrors?

Does the other car windshield cover install easily in windy conditions?

Do other car accessories easily remove snow, ice, frost and sleet from your automobile?

Does other products serve three purposes in one? 1 windshield and 2 mirror covers in 1 protective cover at one Low Price?